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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The only weed that I smoke is an occasional "Black and Mild" filter tip pipe tobacco cigar. Like Bill Clinton, I don't inhale (no, I really don't). With the legalization of marijuana in the news and states falling into line to legalize it, the above 76 year old article is quite interesting. Strange that marijuana would be legalized considering the anti smoking crusade that has made a huge dent in the average American's smoking habit.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, most who smoke pot will NEVER smoke two packs of joints a day. A little dab'll do ya, and there's no added chemicals. I don't think pot is HEALTHY in any way, but there's no way its as bad as cigarettes...never met a pot chain-smoker! LOL

Tom Glover said...

Hi anonymus:

True, about chain there's not much chain smoking weed users but to me it is insane that there is a serious danger in the whole legalization thing! Here's just one of my Google searches "Driving under the influence using marajuana from the

Driving under the influence of marijuana is associated with an increased risk of a motor vehicle crash, especially for fatal collisions, an analysis of nine studies concludes.

The analysis found driving under the influence of marijuana was associated with almost twice the risk of a motor vehicle crash compared with unimpaired driving, CNN reports. The studies in the analysis included nearly 50,000 people.