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Saturday, September 27, 2014


I have been a proud resident of Bromley for the 61 of my years of marriage. I have seen my neighborhood change drastically over the years. The "sick 60's" brought social unrest to Trenton and the suburbs, and along came the social disease we have come to know as "white flight." Ironically, those who did indeed choose to move further into the suburbs, left the neighborhood and in the case of the Glover family, one of the most beautiful streets in Hamilton Township. Huge oak and Sycamore trees still abound and form a God-made canopy of trees all along Atlantic Avenue. I have a 75 year old Sycamore on my front lawn which even though it sheds bark in the summer time is one of God's treasured gifts to the Glover's Atlantic Avenue abode. Who filled in the void after the aforementioned "white flight?" Wonderful neighbors, many of whom keep their homes and yards in better condition than those who left for greener pastures and the accompanying higher taxes.


Candy Frenking Jens said...

Lots of familiar names there - I think Eet Gud bakery still exists - ?? Hamilton Supply was one of my favorite hardware places - the other was on Greenwood, near the library - Akers??

SJBill said...

Every years, the residents of Dutch Neck held a benefit minstrel show at the elmentary school. My grandmother was one of the local "stars" that played guitar and sang for the audience. IIRC, there was pretty involved scenery (to this four year old, anyway) and many backup dancers and singers. The audience must have been close to empty because it seems like most of the resident were up on the stage.

Yes, I must confess that the routines were performed with the participants in blackface.

Tom Glover said...

Yes,Candy, EET GUD still exists. I was there just this morning to pick up 2 of their incredible "coconut meltaways" and 2 of their obscenely delightful "creme sticks."
And Bill: My father in law along with the late Mickey Daily were end men in the old C.V.Hill Minstrels back in the day.

Anonymous said...

This certainly re fires my brain when I read of some of the advertisers.
I once owned the Spiegel Dept. property long after it closed as an investment. Just around the corner Public meat market which was owned by my good freinds Herman Young and his family. For many years, I reperesented Saul Funeral home when "young" Bill began acquiring many nearby competitors in Hightstown, Cranbury etc.

Always look forward to reading you postings, it helped carry me through the near tragic summer I had.
Thanks for all your efforts to remind us of our past.


Mike Kuzma

Anonymous said...

Tom - Also 'back in the day' my dad, George Gold,y was interlocutor for the C.V. Hill minstrel shows and also the Yardville Heights/Lakeside Park PTA minstrel shows. I was very little, fell asleep before they were over, but do remember them a bit. I recently found 3 x 5 cards that he used as notes for the acts, jokes and songs presented plus newspaper articles and photos.
Lakeside Girl