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Friday, August 08, 2014


Weather permitting, the 6th week of my 8 week Kuser Park Gazebo volunteer music sing along concerts will be performed on Sunday evening August 10th from 6 to 8 P.M. The program is free to all area residents from Trenton, Hamilton, indeed any area within traveling distance of beautiful Kuser Park in Hamilton. The graphic was taken by Trenton Times photographer Mary Iuvone who spent some time speaking with those 40 or so lovers of easy listening* music who were in attendance. Sonnie, Nancy, and "Barb" have all come forth when I ask for them to take the "open mike" and sing along. 
*Easy listening: Pretty melodies, understandable lyrics, no screaming vocals, nostalgic sentimental journeys back to the era when music was music. 

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Ron Bound Sr said...

Wish we lived nearby. I have been listening to songs of the 40s, since getting new car and subscription to XM (Trial). What memories, Tom. Dad listened to all those oldies, after the War. Think of Mom and Dad every time I hear Tommy Dorsey, and others. Thanks for what you do. Stay well. Ron (and Marie)