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Saturday, July 19, 2014


My Mom used "Chipso;" also "Duz" (Duz does everything), "LUX,"  "RINSO" and before we got an electric washer, "OCTAGON" brown soap and that old reliable corrugated wash board to get out those really deep dirt stains on our clothes. There are many memories in that graphic from my "NOSTALGIA" folder; from "Cuticura" soap to Knickers to battery operated auto fans with the rubber fan blades that was aimed at the windshield of our 1930's automobiles.

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Jersey Girl said...

Hi Tom,

I remember most of the products, if not all of the ads. I haven't hear "Duz" in years! My parents loved Giant Tiger; I guess the prices were low back then in that store. They would buy margerine that came in a plastic bag with an orange center. You had to squeeze the bag till the margerine turned from white to yellow. My dad bought a window fan (a new fad) that was supposed to bring in all the cool outside air while exhausting all the hot air inside! Right! We opended all the windows about 2 inches and expected cool air! All it did was bring in the dampness. Those were the days..........