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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Actually, "FOR THE GREATEST GENERATION" as the title of this post would also apply to those of us who are now in our 70's and 80's, but most of the golden memories listed above came from my childhood as an  80 going on 81 senior citizen in this year of 2014. So, to you younger folks who were not around as you read these vestiges of a time which I describe as a "simpler and more less complicated time in America, come back with me to that aforementioned "simple and less complicated era.!"


Lee Belardino said...

Oh my GOD.Sitting on my table is of picture of me about 2 months old with nothing but a diaper on staring at the the bottom of the picture "lorstan studio". My mother had all her kids pictures taken there. Only you could come up with that memory.

Tom Glover said...


I have one of those also when I was 2 years old. SAME OUTFIT! What looks like a diaper and no shirt. Must have been the baby uniform of the day!