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Friday, July 18, 2014


They were very sure we of the older generation were wrong when we sat down to a breakfast or dinner of prepared ham and eggs. In the early years, that famous Trenton delicacy was indeed known as "prepared ham," "prepared pork," and the MORE RECENT designation, "PORK ROLL" from Cloverdell, Taylor and of course, Case. Here's an ad in the Trenton Times, 1944: "PREPARED PORK" known for years as "PREPARED HAM."


Anonymous said...


Like most Trentonians, the things we miss most is the pork roll,Prepaed Ham.
For a brief period, I found Case's park roll in the Dollar Tree Stores. That lasted for 3 years, and than they stopped carrying it. I call the Store's headquarters, and demamded to know why it was discontinued.
They had no idea what i was talking about, and as I described it, the light went on and he said "Oh you mean BALONEY IN A BAG! You can now add that one to your list of names our belovedd prepared is called.

One supermarket carrys Taylor Ham, and charges $10.49 per pound.
I tried to tell themm it was mis marked, but to no avail.
I'll continue to have my son bring it down from from Pennington, along with the Loeffler's baloney.

Now all I need is Kohn's rye bread.


Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

Excellent insight as usual, Mike. You forgot to mention Loeffler's "Summer Sausage" which my kids who live in South Jersey cannot find in any local stores. My daughter and son are also Loeffler baloney (balogna?) fans.

Don Whiteley said...

They have Taylor's Pork Roll in our Wilmington, De super market. It is my favorite since I spent the summer of 1949 working at the Taylor Pork Roll stand on the Wildwood boardwalk. I lived on free Pork roll sandwiches and chocolate milk all that summer. It was and is a great product