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Friday, July 04, 2014


I did a bit of enhancing on this Maxwell photo in order to bring a closer view to the old Rider College which has since moved into the major leagues and become today's beautiful Rider University in Lawrence. My grand daughter Jessica Saiia is currently attending that stalwart old -faculty and I understand she is on the Dean's List.

From austere beginnings as the Rider-Moore business school along with another "Stewart" connection,
the early years of the school were to train students for business experience.  


Anonymous said...


as a kid in south Trenton, I can recall seeing a slick publication put out by Rider College. It extolled the benefits of getting a class A business education right here in the capitol city of Trenton.
The cover depicted a pretty coed siting on the grass cover lawn at the college. When you looked carefully, you recognize it is really Stacy Park pre Rt. 129 expressway.
I guess it proved they had a super "Marketing course"'
After the big war, many GI's matriculated here, and they soon expanded classrooms to prefab barracks like buildings on Model Ave. just off No. Clinton near the Swamp Angle.
Do you remember when they had a football team?
They have come a long way baby!

Mike Kuzma

Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: I was a member of Rider's Class of '59. I was a journalism major and it was a great school. I took the bus from West Trenton and often walked home to Carteret Avenue. We put the school paper out at night and I would take the bus home very late but it was so safe that no one worried when I walked from my stop to my home. Those were the good days. Regards