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Thursday, July 03, 2014


As the article above which I wrote a number of years ago indicates, Lawson Tattler was a figment of my imagination, as was Eli Mount. I took my father's "veddy, veddy" English middle name "Eli," and combined it with my mom's maiden name which was Mount. ( My mom's Mount roots go back to John Adams, the Borden family, Lord Cornwallis, and COUNTLESS others who are connected genealogically 7, 8 and sometimes 9 times removed.) The Tattler surname came from the Trenton connection with the pottery industry, and Lawson was the name of one of my Kuser School-Hamilton High friends and classmate. Assuming this little 800,000 visits venture survives into the future, generations to come will be very grateful that those of us who believe in preserving our historic heritage took the time and sometimes arduous research to come up with a valuable historical database.

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