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Monday, June 30, 2014

 Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 26th from 1-4 PM at the Hamilton Township Public Library. Ms. Eleanor Goldy Guear and Ms. Nancy Johnes Fell are two historians whose families were pioneer settlers in Lakeside Park. These two talented ladies will be presenting an incredibly interesting program inviting residents of Lakeside Park along with those of us who have an abiding interest in this incredible neighborhood which is nestled along Gropp's Lake, or as we called it, "Lakeside." My last "Sentimental Journey" column in the Times recalled our Hamilton High choir beach party as we said our sad goodbyes and headed out on our respective careers. I am still getting comments on that column, most of them fondly recalling the wonderful years they (and I) spent on the sandy beach of spring fed Lakeside.


SJBill said...

When a little tyke, we'd go to Gropps Lakeside to cool off, but now that I think of it, it wasn't really that much cooler than South Clinton Ave. Wetter maybe, but the water wasn't very refreshing. And if I recall, the bottom by Gropps beach didn't feel all that good on the toes.

I was too little to go out to the diving platform. Tom, I'll bet you were one of the guys diving off the S. Broad St. bridge.

While that young, my interest was the the pinball machines inside Gropp's. I didn't play them very well from the seat of a chair, but my Dad couldn't stay away from them and played very well. During the period just after the war, he donated many a nickel to Brown's Novelty.

Anonymous said...

Tom - Please let your readers know that this Reunion is free, no charge, just a call to Nancy to make a reservation.
Lakeside Girl