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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


These incredibly fascinating photos are from the newly created "TRENTON-CLOSEUP VIEWS" folder in the Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection. They are copyright photos from the Duke University R.C. Maxwell collection, and the copyright information on each photo as required under the "Fair Use" portion of the U.S. Copyright act.  
Even though the Glover and other neighborhood families in the Liberty Street area didn't enter "downtown" Trenton via E. State Street, these views bring back a very sentimental journey into my 80 year old past. As can be seen in this incredibly detailed photo, Trenton was alive with local area residents long before there were those things we know of today as "Malls." With the rioting in the 1960's and the resulting white flight and commercial flight out of the city, Trenton lost a charm that those of us who remember that wonderful era will never forget. As we of the older generation move on, younger generations must be aware that there was a time when Trenton was a viable and clean capital city with shoppers dressed casually, modestly, and in good taste.


SJBill said...

As a tyke, I recall being led by the hand through E. State St. One of my early memories was that of an older paraplegic gentleman that pushed himself along the down streets on what amounted to a skateboard, but he held two bricks in his hand to contact the sidewalk. IIRC, his name was Bert or Berk.

We enjoyed going into the candy store whose name i forget, just to the W of State and Broad. We had a friend that worked there and she was always give me a piece of candy or three.

My Mom never drove downtown. HSe was pretty cute and wound up getting stopped by the local constabulary for some petty reason. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The "parapaligic" you refer too was nicknamed "Sticks". He lived in my South Trenton Neighborhood, and was a professional pan handler.
Truth be told, he did have one leg which when carefully curled under his very thin body would make it appear he was without those extemities.

Best Wishes

Mike Kuzma