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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Back in 2011 when I posted the graphic on the left, I began to realize that a number of my Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection output that I post on the web are often posted without crediting the library for finding the graphics. As my web blog grew to nearly 800,000 hits, I began to use "watermarks" with identifying legends on them, usually hidden in obscure places on the photo. I have a number of these watermarks and one can be seen in the lower right of each photo. Others are hidden in a light gray area where I type "LHC" as in Local History Collection, or "TGLHC" as in "tgloverlocal history collection."
One might ask why this is important: It should be obvious to most that there is quite a bit of intricate PhotoShop procedures that are quite time consuming in order to bring a graphic to its best enhanced condition. The photo on the left in the graphic is a good example of a "before" PhotoShop tweak, and that on the right is the result of some time consuming graphic tricks. Back in 2005 when this blog was created, it never entered my mind that these graphics would be picked up by another and posted without crediting the source.

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