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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Here's the beginning of the end on one of the area's MAJOR employers. Back in 1938, Ewing Township was the site of what would be one of the most important factors in the industrial northeast. Starting out as the manufacturer of auto door handles and other General Motors automobile hardware, the company was transformed into a manufacturing facility for the United States Navy during World War II when the fabled Grumman TBF "Avenger" was made here along with another Avenger plant at Bloomfield, New Jersey.
There are few in my generation who don't know many of those local residents who worked at that incredible factory on Parkway Avenue in Ewing Township.


Anonymous said...

Now you have me wondering who Ternstedt was. Or were just what GM called the chrome gizmos that went on the fenders?

Ed M.

Tom Glover said...

Hi Ed:

Ternstedt made GM hardware like door and trunk handles window crank handles, etc., and other non glamorous parts.


Anonymous said...

Tom, that was such a huge employer and probably half the folks in our North Trenton neighborhoods either worked there or had a family member who did. You could always tell by the new Chevy or Pontiac in front of the house since GM had a great employee discount program.

Such a blow when they shut down and one reason was the shipping costs which would have been more practical but a single Hopewell politician blocked the hook up link with Rt. I-287 that was originally designed to bring the "95's" all together.

Ed Millerick

That was part of the larger problem with Turnpike trucks clogging Rt. 31 and perhaps you remember the "PRAY FOR ME, I DRIVE RT 31" bumper stickers.