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Friday, May 23, 2014


Even as the city of Trenton identifies it as Quniton Avenue, I'm sure it was an easy mistake to make, and assuming the street was named for Villa Park's historic Quintin Race Track, it should be identified as Quintin Avenue. The article above places the riding academy with the boundaries of No. Stockton, Academy and Commerce Streets with the canal to the east. What is not known at the present time is whether the Academy property encompassed the entire block or was just a building on the block. Perhaps future finds on the academy will turn up.


Anonymous said...

The area deliniated in this post ultimately became home to the Trenton arena, the Rossi Bakery, and most recently (the 60's) a Trenton parking lot.
If I am not mistaken, Tony Siegel a frequent contributor to your column father "Yonk" had a wholesale supply business from the one time barns that housed the horses for this endevor.

Regards and Happy Memorial day to you, and all my friends up north.

Mike Kuzma

SJBill said...

Dity directories show Mr. Quintin resided in the Burg at the corner of Hamilton and Chestnut during the early 1880s. Occupation: farrier.

Since the home for the deaf was where Chestnut Park, now Columbus Park, was located, and going CCW, a church, THS, he likely lived at the site where the Tomasulu Realty office was located.

SJBill said...

That is "City directories above, Tom - sorry for the fat fingers.

Tom Glover said...

Understood, Bill. I make many of those miztakes. You can't get 'em back.


Tom Glover said...

Mike Kuzma, your knowledge of Trenton neighborhoods is absolutely incredible and such a valuable addition to these posts. Thanks much.