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Monday, April 21, 2014


Thanks  to Mrs. Barbara Eckert Baggott for this photo taken by our classmate, the late Bill Baggott II. What wonderful memories surround that now antiquated structure! I certainly don't know about your high school, but back in the 40's and 50's the Hotel Plaza was where Hamilton High seniors went for the annual "Washington Trip." It was a time when the childhood leash was taken off our collective necks and we had a chance to show how mature we were. Some of the guys sported a meerschaum pipe to give him that debonaire and oh so mature look, while others of us puffed on a Lucky Strike. The girls played their maturity role as well as they assumed a demure "come hither" glance at one of their male interests. What memories!


Lee Belardino said...

I don't recognize the hotel but I must have stayed there during our Washington trip.Made a lot of new friends on the bus ride.

Sue Wood said...

Steinert class of 66. Boys stayed in the Plaza and the girls stayed in the Continental

Don Whiteley said...

In 1946, I was in the US Navy and stationed in Washington, DC. I recall visiting the class of 1946 at the Plaza during their visit to DC.
Don Whiteley

Ron Bound Sr said...

Don, what an be stationed in DC and be able to visit with the class when they came to Washington. Thanks for your Navy service too. Ron B HHS 56