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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Some of my more popular history related columns revolved around a fictional Trenton newspaper "stringer" named "Lawson Tattler." (A stringer is a neighborhood freelancer who writes for local newspapers when requested). Lawson may be a fictional figment of my imagination, but the questions he asks and the response he receives are historically true. Above is one of those interviews; there will be future "Tattler" interviews in my Times of Trenton "Sentimental Journey" in future editions. 


JoeB said...

Did this company moved to the building on Carroll and Perry Streets? In the early forties there was cracker factory in that location.

Anonymous said...

Exton I believe was on Center St. near the corner of Furman. One block south of Bridge st, and just past my old Parker School ( Skelton School)
The company on Perry and Carroll was the OTC cracker company "Original Trenton Cracker"
Which ultimately nmoved it's operation to Lambertville in the 70's and went out of business or sold it's name to others.
Riverhorse brewry took over the facility, and now have moved to Ewing since expanding their brewing operations.

OTC make those large harder crackers that were found at any good fishouse in the USA.
I remember topping them with a dab of horse radish which was always on the table for Oysters.

Hope this helps.

Mike Kuzma