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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


For many in my generation, the dining room was our "rec room." It was here that we found the old and very heavy and sturdy dining room table. Along the wall was the "sideboard" of equally sturdy and heave wood,  and in the Glover home, an old piano that my father bought from Henry Liedtka for 3 dollars as I recall the story,  back during the depression. It was here that I and my brothers and sister did our homework, played rummy, catch five, snap, war and countless other card games while listening to the old Gulbranson Radio over in the far corner. Here too that we sat around the table while Pop Glover regaled us with the popular songs of the day. Mom Glover always asked me to sing "When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby" and "I Come to the Garden Alone." Our dining room was reserved for dining when relatives came. Our kitchen was our normal dining room. It was here where I added my love of music that was simultaneously being cultivated in me over at Kuser School in Miss Ruth Margerum's third grade. 

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SJBill said...

If I remember correctly a green felt tablecloth was occasionally used, along with very thin plastic checkers of some sort. I think my Dad played "Old Maid" with his friends from time to time, while the group smoked cigars and enjoyed soda water mixed with something from a bottle with a "7" on it. It must have been 7 Up.