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Friday, March 07, 2014


Bob Butera and Vince Mercandetti: Two gentlemen who were in contact with me in the summer of 1992 after I had written an article relating to Hamilton's Camp Olden; a subject I had been researching for years. It all began in early 1990's when I began paging through thousands of pages in my 100 year collection of daily Trenton newspapers, I came upon the story of the "The Potters' Company," and the very intriguing story which involved Henry and Joseph Lawton and another Trentonian, John Beech. When the article on the left in the graphic was published in July, 1992, these two pioneers of the Camp Olden Civil War Roundtable contacted me for more information which was the fruit of my research. Little did I know that Mr. Joe Seliga was researching the same subject as I. I naturally wondered if any of my research was involved in his research. It would have been nice to compare notes. The bottom line: Then-Mayor Jack Rafferty was approached and the founding of Camp Olden Park became a reality. 

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