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Thursday, March 06, 2014


The Alice Mount in the article above was the fictional Hamiltonian whose name was the name of my Mom, Alice Mount Glover. Even though the keeper of this diary is fictional, the persons, places, and things written in this fictional diary are accurate accounts taken from the newspapers of the era, along with the memories of her then ten year old son, "Tommy" Glover. 


Lee Belardino said...

In 1943 I was in the 5th grade at Willy. Noticed someone named robert Nimmo in your article. We had a Bob Nimmo in our class.A relative maybe?. Yes Hamilton was a busy place during the war.

Ron Bound Sr said...

Tom, thanks for this. I was too young to remember it. But I do remember Dad walking up the walkway, at Donnelly hospital, to visit. He looked so sharp in his uniform, even for a sick 4 yr old. Dad enlisted in 1943, when he was already 27 yrs old. Great how you wrote this, and used your Mom's memory, and like the part about the chickens and geese etc.