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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


I was born and raised in the rather non complimentary area then known as "the sticks." We had a very large garden during the growing season. We also had three chicken coops staffed with "Barred Rocks," "Leghorns," and "Rhode Island Reds." Add a gaggle of geese and you had one of the area's "garden farms." The photo shows mom Glover feeding our Leghorns. the article tells the story of "Herman the Goose." During the Great Depression, the chickens and their eggs, along with our famous "beefsteak" Jersey tomatoes, served as an escape from a food shortage. Our next door neighbors was the Arena family. Mom Arena and Mom Glover engaged in an active over the fence activity known as "bartering." Mom Arena's pasta, etc. for Mom Glover's eggs, and chickens. A lost art. Our relationship with our next door neighbors was similar to our family relationships. Summers on the front porches and hours of pleasant conversation, or perhaps a snappy game of "catch five," poker or rummy. Wonderful memories from a special time in my life.


Ron Bound Sr said...

Tom, great to see the neighborhood where Mom and Dad lived and where my older brother was born. I assume I was born in the Burg. Great to see your Mom too.

Kattie Evans said...

I Love Your stories! You are a great writer! I sent you a message on Facebook but I think it went in your other folder:)

Tom Glover said...

Thank you for visiting,Kattie. I hope you return often.

Tom Glover