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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Any Lawrenceville visitors out there who can locate this photo's location in Lawrence? A Google Earth search failed to find a Richmond Avenue.


SJBill said...

The bottom image looks like its near what is now Gedney Road (looking north onto Lawrenceville Road). Off in the distance is Lawrence Road Volunteer Fire Dept.

The Hampshire House (which later became Hogan's in the 70's) was built on the open lot to the left.

In the 60s, our family left the Burg for Lawrence Twp. It looks much the same as it did back then. The Burg - not so much.

Dennis Waters said...

Yes, Tom, SJBill is right. The open area on the right eventually became the Lawrentonia subdivision. The dirt shoulder is where the trolley tracks had recently been taken out. Besides the fire company, the lower photo also shows the old St Ann's in the distance on the left.

Tom Glover said...

Many thanks to Dennis and Bill. I was completely unfamiliar with that scene. What threw me was the "Richmond" reference. There is no street shown on the maps that I accessed when I researhed this photo.


SJBill said...

The image on top is Lawrence Road looking south. The school zone sign is for Eldridge Park School, one of which is still in place today. Eldridge Park is one of the earlier developed areas in Lawrence.

Dennis Bannister said...

SJBill, actually it's Lawrence RD looking north. You can see the Maxwell billboard in the distance. This was in the lot next to the firehouse. I lived on Marlboro RD which is not yet there. We played softball in that lot. On the bottom photo you can see several houses which were probably demolished to build the homes on Marlboro RD. We move in around 1956. By the way, those houses went for, I believe, around 11K.