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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I dare say that grand old bowling palace was the most popular venue back in the day. I wasn't and am not a bowling person, but most of my buddies were. Indeed, I would guess that most of the local community visited this legendary bowling academy at one time or another.


Anonymous said...

Tom - So who was that masked mystery rider on the White Horse? Does anyone know?
Lakeside Girl

Anonymous said...


I think this might be Millie Roase, who became the Wife of Carney Rose. Millie was a nurse before marrying Carney and an excellent horsewoman in her own right. To support this theory, they both ran a hack stable just a short ride west of the site of the White horse lanes where the Sewer plant was ultimately built.
I spent many years with Carney and Mille as a kid.
Mike Kuzma, AKA Lash LaRue a name Carney Tagged me with.

Tom Glover said...

Lash LaRue! Mike, he was one of my western movie heroes along with Ken Maynard, George O'Brien, Hopalong, and all those guys in the white hats riding on white horses.

SJBill said...

White Horse Bowling Academy - not ever your average bowling alley was it?

We rode from S. Clinton in the Burg to White Horse on Saturday mornings for a Junior Bowling League - in which we perofred rather well. I was in Jr. 4 at the time, and can still remember most of my team mates names.

It as at the snack bar where I learned the secret delights of dipping french fries in ketchup.

Wasn't there a fire in the 50s that burned down much of the establishment? They rebuilt and re-opened with double the lanes, and they were all AMF automatic pinsetters. Our days as pinboys at Heil's were numbered.

Yet another "academy was nearby: Rose's Riding Academy. Again we rode bikes down Independence Drive up to Carney's ranch and rented his finest stallions for about an hour. I rode one that had to be 30+ years old named Colonel. All he could do was walk - he had NO gallup gear whatsoever. And when I rode him he usually wanted to roll over on his side and try to crush me. We had to ride the oval track by the road. Kids were not allowed to venture down the paths to White City. Oh, what wonderful memories!

Laura Sheffield said...

What a goof I am I first I thought ZORRO!!!!!!!! LOL

Rick L said...

Rose's Riding Acadamy?

I think I've got an old photo of their setup at the New Jersey State Fair in 1961 (the kid riding the horse is me):