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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


This time of year always holds bittersweet memories for me. The "bittersweet ledger" for the year 2013 reminds me that it was the year when I lost two of my "Greatest Generation" brothers Len and Bud. The "sweet" part lies in my website and Facebook entries that bring back very precious memories of growing up the Hamilton Township and my memories of the entire Trenton area. Above is a memory of one of my dear friends from childhood to manhood; Jesse Anderson. Jesse, along with Don Slabicki have burned memories in my mind that surely will live through eternity. The graphic shows the Anderson family who lived in that little Sears Roebuck cottage on Ward Avenue adjacent to Greenwood Cemetery. Ironically, my Mom and Pop's grave site is within view of Jess's house.

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Candy Frenking Jens said...

When I was in 8th grade Officer Anderson drove me to Atlantic City, to accept an American Legion essay award. He must have been bored silly with that official duty, but as I remember he was very professional, and I was thrilled to ride with a real policeman!