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Friday, December 06, 2013


I posted a few of these COPYRIGHTED Duke University R.C. Maxwell  photos on Facebook but alas, Facebook graphic size limitations took away from the ability to view these beautiful photos in full size, full screen, thus detracting from their artistic value. Hopefully, those Facebookers will see that the Hamilton Library Scrapbook is not only Hamilton Township, but with the dearth of Trenton related local history on line, we find that there are countless area visitors who no longer live in Trenton but love the town and its memories.


Anonymous said...

And thirty years later those prices for gasoline would reverse themselves from 13 cents to the 31 cents per gallon we paid in 1967. Still, that was a grand price that allowed us to pool pocket change for an evening of cruising.

Ed Millerick

SJBill said...

The corner with the Dayton St. sign was officially the coldest in the universe in 1957. As a seventh grader at Junior Four, that was my assigned corner as a AAA Safety Patrol boy. Standing there in slush, water soaking through my shoes (galoshes were for kiddies, I tell you). The sign served a purpose - as a signal ground for a very small hand-held crystal radio (with tunable core) where I could listen to the solid sounds of AM very local AM radio.