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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Glover family Thanksgiving dinner, 1964. This photo accompanies my "SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY" column in today's Sunday Trenton Times (Page 2) wherein I recall my 80 year old memories of Thanksgivings as we lived them when it was widely accepted as a day to thank God for all he has given us. Unfortunately, this hallowed holiday is being turned into a commercial shopping orgy.


SJBill said...

Tom, this is a wonderful family picture! Our gatherings were not quite a s large, and we didn't have a long table like that. The kids sat at a second table away from the "main action," while my Mom and Dad sat with our Grandfather and Aunt Pauline. On our table the overdone Brussels sprouts were never touched. Our Grandfather gladly finished themall - his favorite vegetable, especially if overcooked. But we got the cranberry sauce with the three rings from the can, while the grown-ups received fresh made.

Turkey in our household was different depending mainly if it were odd or even number years. One year it would be too dry, and the next year it would be "a bit rare" around the thighs. Our Aunt Pauline would always "just pick" at the remains trying to get one last good piece.

Wonderful cookies, pies and pastries would follow. One at least one occasion we discovered the stuffing remained untouched until after the desert course.

Gosh do I miss those dinners. We're a family of four all living together, and I do most of the cooking myself, but think of those days in that same decade.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sir! ;-)

Ron Bound Sr said...

Tom, what a nice photo to still have, from the infant in the high chair to the seniors like US, now. 1964 was in Tokyo, would have been a blessing to be home that year. Ron B

Anonymous said...

Tom - Great photo! I have a similar one of the Goldys in Lakeside taken in the '50's. Quite reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting of a family gathered around such a table with all ages there also. Thank God for these wonderful photos from days gone by!
Lakeside Girl