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Friday, October 18, 2013


Music is most definitely in the Glover and Britton family genes. My dear wife Judy and I met in Louise Baird's Hamilton High School choir back in the late 1940's and 50's. Judy was one of our stellar alto voices and I a baritone. Each of us came from a music loving family with a piano and were very active in family sing alongs. When we married in 1954 and had our 3 wonderful children, Juliane, Tom, and Ken, we were sure to expose them to music, and they were regular participants as we sang all the old songs. The old man (that's me) just completed my 8th year of bringing music to my generation and others who are not into the loud twangy rock and roll stuff. Kenny spun off to be an incredible composer and singer. The above link will bring you to his website where you can sample "Angel In Your Heart;" composed and sung by Kenny Glover.
Son Tom is also an accomplished vocalist, and numerous folks who follow the Irish genre of music probably visited the Tir Na Nog and other local Irish pubs where Tom has performed over the years. Grandaughter Jessica Saiia has also inherited the gene which is also firmly implanted in my daughter Juliane. Jessica was a lead singer in "On The Town;"  a high school musical prior to entering Rider University. 
Judy and I tried to teach our children that music is one of God's precious gifts. I think they agree, and I think we succeeded!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed hearing Kenny's music. He is not only a handsome young man but certainly is very talented.

Unknown said...

Would love to goto otts in Medford to see andkenny glover and hear his angel in your heart!

Unknown said...

Pandora and angel in your heart!
yoga in