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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Are you old enough to remember when the banks closed at 3 P.M.? I am. The above interesting photo of the legendary Yardville National Bank is shown in the photo taken during the Great Depression year of 1934. Like the friendly druggist, and the grocery store, The order changeth and are replaced with large national entities on all too many corners. The old independent banks have been closed and replaced with unfamiliar bank names, once again on countless corners throughout the area .


JoeB said...

I remember the banks closing at 2PM and reopening on Friday's 3 to 5 PM.

Holly Knott said...

I remember that bank's location well, growing up in Yardeville!

Don Whiteley said...

In the 1930's this bank was robbed during the night.. Don't recall the details but it was a big item at the time

Anonymous said...

According to Bob Simpkins, local long time resident and local historian, this building was originally around the corner on Yardville/Allentown Road. It was a boy's academy, known as Yardville Academy. It was sold to the bank and moved to the point of land where it now stands. Lakeside Girl