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Thursday, September 05, 2013


There were a number of reasons why Trenton lost so many factories and businesses over the last 50 years of residing in Trenton. Cheaper labor wages and sometimes better tax relief from southern and other states, imports, and civil strife all came together and in my opinion (and mine alone) the exodus began.


Anonymous said...

Tom, from what I had read on this it was a combination of "perfect storms".

Electrification and cheap labor down south.

The Turnpike being built far enough that it was an expense along with the larger trucks that were emerging that could not negotiate narrow city streets. When I worked at Circle F, we loaded into small box trucks and then had a warehouse in Bordentown where the "18 Wheelers" would pick up the material. Double handling is expensive.

A town grows for a reason and sadly dies when it outlives it purpose and value. Such was the fate of Trenton.

Ed Millerick

Anonymous said...

Ed: there is some basis for your comments, however Governmet did nothing to help, and more to discourage reinvestment by Industry. The Enviornment gurus decided NJ had dirty air, and a "Ringleman Test" (smoke density) which would be passable in Morrisville, would subject a plant to $10,000 per day fines in NJ.

Just down river from my home on the Mighty James river sits the largest coal shipping facility in the US of A. 24 hours a day ships are being loaded to take our American Coal to foreign Countries from whom we now import our Steel, and other major products from.

Best wishes to all

Mike Kuzma