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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 Here are two of the many very talented tennis players I met who played on the Kuser Farm Clay tennis court. My buddy and fellow Kuser Farm Tennis Club member Don Slabicki and I watched the match in New Hampshire when Betty Rhoads partnered with Fritz Kuser ("Mr. Trenton Tennis") to win a New Hampshire State Championship back in 1950. Eddie Moylan was the epitome of a role model. His quiet self confident manner impressed all who knew him. Additionally, he was an incredibly talented man with the tennis racquet. Indeed, he was one of the few opponents who kept "Mr. Trenton Tennis," Fritz Kuser on the defensive. The last I heard of Eddie, he was the tennis pro at Cornell University. Over those memorable years of Kuser Farm weekend tennis, many familiar names come to mind, all of whom loved the game. Among them, Don and Leo Bannon, Jim and Howard Waldron, Tag Richardson, Edgar Levy, and "Bev" Huston are a few who come to mind.

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Barbara Figge Fox said...

An article in the NYT September 10, 1913, celebrates the achievements of Theresa B. Kuser, the result of much practice on her home court, no doubt!

Miss B. Stevens, champion woman tennis player of Cleveland, met with an unexpected defeat yesterday in the third round of the New Jersey State women's singles championship on the courts of the Morristown Field Club, Morristown, N.J., when Miss Theresa B. Kuser of Trenton won two hard sets in three by the score of 7 -- 5, 3 -- 6, 6 -- 4.