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Thursday, August 08, 2013


The fascinating graphic took some time to re-format and put together. It tells the little know story of the city of Trenton as the very first American city to manufacture spaghetti and noodles. The gentleman's name was Giovanni Baptiste Sartori; a devout Roman Catholic and also instrumental in the founding of St. John's Roman Catholic Church on Lamberton Street in 1714. St. John's ultimately became Sacred Heart Parish at the intersections of South Broad, Centre Street, and Greenwood Avenue. 
Bob Immordino was a dear friend and true student of American-Italian history in the Mercer County area. He was also a viable contributor to Dorothea's House in Princeton. When Bob Immordino, Maury Perilli and I got together at one of our monthly lunches, local history took us well past a normal lunch hour. The aforementioned gentlemen were true local legends in the history of the Italian Americans from the early years. Bob took issue with the term "Italian American," insisting it should be referred to as "American-Italians." I have been using that term ever since.

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