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Friday, August 02, 2013


Back in the 19th century, Henry N. Smith a very wealthy man, purchased land shown in the area map above and developed it into the Fashion Stud Farm. It was a gathering place from all over America for those were involved in trotting race. Following many years of research, I have failed to find any photos or engravings of the farm, but it included a very beautiful trotting track a Kentucky Derby type grandstand. Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant stabled 2 horsed at the stud farm. Unfortunately, they were the victims of a horrendous fire that burned the stables back in December,1907. In November, I will be presenting an on screen presentation covering the Fashion Stud Farm and the Interstate Fair (known to most of us as the N.J.State Fair.


Larry Hibbert said...

What year was the map taken from. S. M. Smith was my 3rd great grandfather and I am trying to find out if H. N. Smith was any relationship. G. Smith could be Samuel's son. Finding out about the farm and the fair grounds during the 1860-80's has been a challenge.

Tom Glover said...

Larry: The map is from 1875.