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Thursday, August 22, 2013


 I have an insatiable fascination with historic articles, photos and clippings relating to old Mill Hill. It is certainly one of Trenton's incredibly historic neighborhoods. I have no idea how the aerial view above was changed to a non photographic view of the Mill Hill area of Trenton. I suspect a Matthew Brady type camera was lifted aloft in a balloon, and photographed, and tediously drawn by local artists. Close inspection will see familiar landmarks like St. John's Church (Today's Sacred Heart), David Quintin's Washington Retreat, Taylor Avenue (now Greenwood Avenue), lower left with smoke issuing from a chimney is the old paper mill that once sat on the banks of the Assanpink. Another fascinating feature of this map shows what I believe is the original market which was located on the street at Greene Street (Broad Street) which inherited the name, Market Street. I am sure other visitors will point out other landmark churches, etc. This is a very large file, and the details are somewhat obscured. However, it is hoped that you will be able to read the street names. I won't even consider posting this on Facebook due to the size limits on that site.

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