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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Mill Hill! For me one of the more intriguing and incredibly historic areas of Trenton. Mahlon Stacy, the old paper mill that was once on the banks of the Assanpink, the Whittaker Farm, the famed Revolutionary War battle that took place before George Washington quietly marched off to Princeton, and countless other fascinating and historic items I am finding day by day about this wonderful community. Close inspection of this map will show Quintin's "Washington Retreat" at the foot of Jackson Street, Taylor Street which is today's Greenwood Avenue, and Harrison Street which became an extension of Jackson Street. Note that Broad Street is skewed due to the fact that the page on which this map was printed was repaired and the two Broad Street sections are skewed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this map, Tom. This is the neighborhood in which I played and played as a child. Great seeing some of its beginnings. My great grandfather who was a carpenter, would eventually own some lots on Clay and Mercer where he built homes and lived. I lived on Mercer and Jackson for 15 years.


Tom Glover said...

Would really love to see more graphics on Mill Hill. Didn't your ancestors have a blacksmith shop or something in the area?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Tom, they did. My great, great grandfather, Jacob Rue had his blacksmith shop on the corner of South Broad and Dye Sts.