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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Mill Hill: To me, the most historic area of Trenton. I have been giving special emphasis on this historic area of Trenton, and my research thus far has shed little known light on the area as it was way back when. My interest was drawn to the neighborhood back in the 1970's when former Mayor Art Holland, who in my personal opinion, was one of Trenton's best Mayors. He and his lovely wife Betty took up residence in that neighborhood which was to ultimately develop into the very charming community we see today. That gutsy move by the Hollands was a courageous move to dispel the myth that Mill Hill which at the time, had a reputation of being a undesirable neighborhood. Art saw the potential of the neighborhood and gave credibility to many that the neighborhood would ultimately become a very attractive area in which to live. He was right. Walking or driving down those narrow streets always reminds me of Philadelphia's "Olde City."

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