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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Those of us who knew him, loved him. He was the epitome of a saintly Priest in the Roman Catholic faith. I wrote this eulogy at his passing in December, 1990. His legacy should be preserved and I invite comments from any visitors who recall this holy man of God. 

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Kenneth J. Wolfe said...

A good priest. I remember, making First Holy Communion in 1981, how Monsignor McCorristin would emphasize respect for the Blessed Sacrament, especially when all sorts of crazy experiments were going on in the Church.

In particular, he kept the communion rail (sadly mostly removed now) and kept the centuries-old practice of kneeling for the reception of communion. He also strongly disliked communion-in-the-hand and promoted receiving on the tongue. When someone was not serious at the rail, he would correct him on the spot, as I witnessed him do to my sister.

We need more serious priests like Monsignor McCorristin again.