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Saturday, July 06, 2013


Had the Central Jersey Model Railroaders not "beaten me to the punch." I would loved to have set up the Hamilton Township Public Library's Local History repository in the basement of Kuser Farm Mansion. It would have been an ideal spot for storage of my huge collection of Trenton newspapers and a very adequate office area to set up my computer and digitizing software. Additionally, it would have been home to my home away from home where I and my two brothers spent countless hours during the time that  Fred and Edna Kuser occupied the home. I also had my eye on the old "chicken coop" down in the area of the tennis court as a prime candidate for a repository, but alas, it was not to be. My attraction to this Hamilton Township historical jewel borders on the spiritual with all the indelible memories I carry deep within my inner being. I will be eternally grateful to former Mayors Maury Perilli and Jack Rafferty for being the catalysts who were instrumental in bringing this historic gem to Hamilton Township. Maury, for meeting with Edna Kuser very early on when it was becoming apparent that Fritz and Edna could no longer manage the huge property, and Jack Rafferty for sealing the deal and convincing the Kusers that their wishes for a park for the public to enjoy over the years would come to fruition.

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