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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I received the top engraving from Mr. Bill Klek who had been searching for info on that popular eatery. I was only there once back when I worked for the bearing company. I took a leisurely drive via Google Earth from North Olden Avenue to Prospect Street, hung a left on Prospect Street and made the virtual drive to 1400 Prospect Street, and the photo above which I assume is the location of the original "Drum."


Anonymous said...


I remember the place well.
It was on the easterly side of Prospect St. Across from the Ewig Drive in Threatre, and the Auto Spa which was just below the Trenton Wholesale Tabacco company and in the vicinity of Jerry Ashmen's used car lot, which was behind what is now a gas Station.

At the Corner of No.Olden, and Prospect was "Murphy's Corner" a popular eatery owned by the Vegotsky family.

Herman Young (Yoskovitz) owner of Veterans meat market, and Public meat market owned the auto spa, and I think had a piece of the Broken Drum.

hope this helps


Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

Indeed it does again help, Mike.With your position during your career, you once again have imparted information that most of us have no way of knowing. Many thanks.


rayfromvillapark said...

Hi Tom, I've spoken of the Broken Drum in past posts, either on this site or Mike McNicol's Chambersburg site. There were three hangouts, if you were into the hot rod culture of the late 1950s. The Broken Drum, Harney's Corner, in Lawrence and Rick's Drive In, on South Broad St, near Vic Rice's Golf Range. I was one of a group of young guys that formed the Highwaymen Hot Rod Club of Trenton. Our club emblem was Zorro, with mask and flowing cape driving a 1932 Ford High Boy roadster. Our meetings were held in Grosskreuz ESSO gas station just up the street from the Broken Drum. We would drive over there after our meetings, looking for girls and other like minded guys with modified cars. It was a great time to do a little street racing. Larry Warwick, a club member and good friend of mine, had one of the fastest cars in our club. A 1952 Chevrolet, with a modified Chrysler Hemi V8 lurking under the hood. The car looked innocent enough on the outside, but what a surprise, when he punched it. The only problem Larry had was keeping it going in a straight line. It was a bear to drive, but oh what fun. Lots of kids hung out at the drive ins, and the Broken Drum was a neat place. rayfromvillapark