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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


One of the target areas of this history website is in the "REAL ESTATE" and "LAND ASSOCIATIONS" folders at the Hamilton Library Local History digital collection. It is an important area of local history to learn how various neighborhoods developed. Quite coincidentally, my Uncle Charles Gaudette and family lived on Euclid Avenue back in the mid 20th century. At the time it was an affluent neighborhood. Many will recall the "Food Fair" market the was in Chambers Street in the Euclid-Tioga area of Trenton.


Anonymous said...


Oh how I remember this neighborhood. My surregate mother who happened to be my third grade teacher lived at 340 Euclid Ave, and spent a lot of time with her son Dan who became a very prominent physciatrist and advisor to President Carter. also my first highschool girlfriend Marie Dileo ( now Mrs. Joseph Tighue of Real Estate/Political fame) lived at 319Euclid. I spent a lot of time around here from the early 1940's to the mid 1950's.
Ironically just yesterday my wife and I discussed the old Food Fair you mentioned. My neighbor Alvin Berger was the manager there.
I remember he was ordered to close the store by the brass out of Philadelphia because of all the pilferage, and vandalism. Supermarkets work on a very low percentage of profit and count on Volumn. When the losses began to rise above the profit margin of 1/2of 1 per cent, it was time to close. Much like many other businesses in Trenton at the time.


Mike Kuzma

Anonymous said...

I loved the Food Fair and all the toys that had a Christmas. I moved to 255 Euclid Avenue in 1957. I started kindergarten at Junior Two in 1958. This was a great neighborhood then.