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Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Over the years, I have been fascinated as I read articles and see a photo or two of that annual Lakeside carnival that was so popular in earlier years. The article above gives a good idea of how seriously those Lakeside carnival participants worked to bring a splendid pageant to those in attendance. The residents added to the annual affair with lanterns and other lights decorating their homes in that bucolic little village of "bungalows;" as the early real estate ads called them. I recall all those happy summer hours I, and many of my contemporaries spent in that natural spring fed lake. It is sad that today's lake is merely there as a natural resource and  no longer a summer swimming retreat.
My son lives in Medford Lakes in Burlington County. They carry on the tradition of carnivals on the lake with highly decorated boats, each competing for the grand prizes offered in various categories. This year, Ken is the captain of his group and the are hard at work burning the midnight oil getting ready for the big night when their decorated vessel will take to the water.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tom - Thank you, once again, for filling in a piece of our own family history - who knew that my grandfather, George Goldy of Lakeside had 400 Japanese lanterns on his property and portico for the Lakeside Carnival?! What a treat knowing these long forgotten details, which we would not have known if it wasn't for your wonderful research and blog! We are so grateful!
Lakeside Girl