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Friday, June 14, 2013


Even as I was an avid follower of John Cleary, Harry Podmore, Bill Dwyer, Alma Lawson, and Hamilton's Joseph West to learn about our local history, so too was I an equally avid follower of Ms. Sally Lane (Graff.) Sally's knowledge of Trenton is on par with the aforementioned Trenton historians. Indeed, as can be seen in her "Then and Now" column in the above graphic, she delved deeply into the history of the Trenton Markets of a century or more ago. I am in the process of digitizing many of Sally's columns. She and her husband Sam Graff are among the more informed contemporaries of mine who are very knowledgeable on the magnificent history of the city of Trenton.

The Stockton Street Market

The Washington Market

City Market, No. Broad Street

The South Trenton "Farmers' Market"


Anonymous said...

Tom, this is the first I've ever heard mention of one of the Trenton Farmers Markets being on the corner of New York and Olden. One of the posters on IATT on Facebook, Wayne Turczyn, may shed some insight on it's (presumption on my part),move to Spruce Street. His family had a poultry market just overlooking that spot and he seems to have a ton of historical references at his disposal. I wonder if that huge rail "humping" yard had something to do with the Olden and New York connection?

Ed Millerick

Tom Glover said...

Me too, Ed. I also didn't know about the Roebling location either. However, it was a long time ago and we need an old timer from the 30's to enlighten us.


Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: I was not around in the early 30s but when I was small, my parents always shopped at the Farmer's Market. It was on Spruce St., kind between Princeton and North Olden avenues. We visited a few years ago and were thrilled to find it not only in the same spot but booming. We ate lima beans when I was a kid and they do not grow them in NE. I stocked up and brought them back to NH. We reached the market off Artic Ave. with a right onto Spruce and into the market. Regards

Scott said...

I recently interviewed Mr. Henry Estenes of Sandy Acres Farm in East Windsor. He is 90 and has a great memory of the original Farmers Market on the river in Trenton. I recorded him telling the history of the market 1908-1948, and the circumstances and struggles they had to deal with to acquire their current Spruce St. property. His memory is quite remarkable!