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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Lew and Isaac Levy built the old theatre on Centre Street way back in 1913. It served the community for many years before Trenton's landscape changed due to civil upheaval, white flight, and redevelopment of the downtown Trenton area in the 1960's. I took the above photo back when I was a Eucharistic Minister at Sacred Heart Church and ministered to the shut ins at the old Stokeley Plant on Lalor Street. That section of South Trenton has a fascinating history from it early years as Bloomsbury, Lamberton, and far far back to the ferry (Ferry Street) in Colonial times. I wonder if the Levy brothers have a relationship to my friend who had the Greenwood Theater, Edgar Levy. Perhaps another of our knowledgeable South Trentonians can enlighten me.

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Anonymous said...


Isac Levy was my best buddy Edgar (Eggs)Levy's dad. Lou was his Uncle. Leon (Red) Levy the One time prominent attorney was Egg's brother, as was Irwin the opthamologist.
"Ike" Levy formed a partnership with the Hildinger, and Henry families to go on to own several first, and 2nd run movie houses in Trenton.
You comments about the riots and flight from the City of Trenton, is so true. In 1968 when Edgar and Nancy were holed up in thier apartment above the threatre, he called me to sell the Greenwood, as he could no longer guarantee his family safey. I brokered a deal with Al Frank from Atlantic City who bought the Greenwood, and went on to become a multi millionaire with the sale of his boardwalk movie houses to the Casinos.
I ztill keep in touch with Edgar's family in Florida.


Mike Kuzma