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Friday, June 21, 2013


This rather elusive photo shows the school that goes all the way back to the years when Nottingham Township was a part of the town of Trenton. It is named for Dr. Charles Skelton, a noted Trenton philanthropist. The posts that follow are all Skelton related and a very important part of the history of education in Trenton
 Located on Centre Street between Bridge and Furman Streets

 The above book plate honors Dr. Skelton, his early years as a laborer, his unending thirst for knowledge, his ultimate success as a doctor,  and his philanthropic gift to the Trenton Free Public Library

Below are two of the more recent Skelton School articles and photos in the "SKELTON SCHOOL" folder in the Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection.
More Skelton School articles and photos will be forthcoming in the future.


Anonymous said...


75 years ago this September, almost immediately after this photo was taken, Tony Ponticello and I held hands and began our education as we walked into Skelton School to start Kindergarten.
Today, Tony and I still remain "best friends" and we communicate via phone and email weekly.
Who would ever have thunk it! Two South Trenton kids would begin
start out together, and he in Las Vegas, and me in Trenton would begin paralelle careers in Real Estate.Tony retired a year before me, as a successful Realtor, developer and agent to many hotels, and Stars in Vegas.
I managed to escape Trenton for Hunterdon County, and am now enjoying my FINAL career as a Justice of the Peace.
And to think it all started in Skelton School with Principal Myrtle Hummer, riding crop in hand ordering us to "hold hands and march into an education"!
Yes she did carry a riding crop, and scared the hell out of kids.
Down deep she was a sweet lady.

Our kindergarten teacher was Helen Kelly, who atteded Mass at Sacred Heart, and was the Aunt to Harold Fink, a prominent Hamilton Attorney.


Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...


Once again you ad color to the posts on this site; this time the Skelton story. Much appreciated.