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Saturday, June 08, 2013


 What the well dressed clergy are wearing
 One of the columns I wrote dealing with the oldest Roman Catholic Parish in New Jersey

 The interior of old St. Johns, Centre Street. Replaced by today's Sacred Heart after a disastrous fire.

  There were many Sacred Heart events that were patronized by local citizens

Another fire at Sacred Heart

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Anonymous said...


Outstanding collage on "our Parish"

I paid a visit to Fr. Dennis last year, and took a friend along to see what an "edifice" looks like.
Despite the inpoverished area that encroached our church over the years, it is still one of the 3 most beautiful churches in the Diocese.It is Still nicely manitained,both buildings, and grounds. The other two are of course Holy Cross, and St. Hedwig's churches.
I recogized several family names of neighbors who graduated the year before I was born.

I will be coming back there; hopefully later, than sooner.

Mike Kuzma