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Thursday, May 02, 2013


For some unexplained reason Internet Explorer would not allow me to correct the "2875 - 1899" entry error when I accidentally listed the date range in this post as "2875" instead of 1875. As anyone who is proficient in touch typing knows, making numerical errors is a common occurrence even for yours truly who has been typing for more than 60 years!. I saw the error immediately after I posted it via Internet Explorer and was confounded that I couldn't correct it. I recently removed "Firefox" from my computer due to slow loading. Needless to say, I re-installed it and will revert back to the Firefox screen that allows me to edit the many errors I make (and will continue to make; I don't walk on water, dear visitors!).
  Groveville is a fascinating and very historic town in Hamilton Township. Local Groveville Historian Gary Lippincott has an excellent website dedicated to the town in which he grew up. If only we could get additional citizens who would start a site on Hamilton Square, Deutzville, Mercerville, Yardville, Crosswicks, Pennington, Hightstown, and other Mercer County locations we would have a very viable historic and nostalgic view of bygone years. We do have Jim Colello's Broad Street Park and Don Whiteley's Yardville Heights; both of which are excellent sources. Don't miss Gary's website; it is a fascinating look at this wonderful little town tucked away in southern Hamilton. Visit Gary's website at


1881: The mill at Groveville

1898: Groveville and Yardville in earlier years

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