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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


At one time during my lengthy collecting career, I collected local matchbooks. Unfortunately, back in the early 1960's, the water hose fitting on my washer failed and a 4 inch flooded basement was the result. Unfortunately again, my matchbook album was left on the floor with a number of other valued antiques, and they had to be put in the trash. Above are a few of the types of matchbooks that were in that collection.


Ron Bound Sr said...

Dad had a great collection, from all over the world. Never knew they were in all sizes. He removed the matched and flattened out the covers. Tom, sorry you lost your collection with the flood.

Anonymous said...

Mooney's Tavern was a Buster Brown Shoe store in about 1950 then a clothing shop owned by a nice Italian fellow Mr. DiAgustino.

Ed Millerick

Tom Glover said...

Seems to me I recall a Di'Agustino mens shop on Brunswick avenue at the corner of Spruce Street back in the day.