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Saturday, April 13, 2013

As my military service descends ever deeper into the age of antiquity, I, and a large number of us who were Korean and Cold War veterans, most of us in our early 80's, proudly wear the cap with our military unit emplazoned on it for all to see. You're darn right I am proud to have given 3 years of my youth to the American military! My sentiment is shared by the majority of my contemporaries; just check all those hats you will see as we enter another season of life outdoors. The years I spent in that "hush-hush" cloak and dagger secret society still brings back fond memories of all the wonderful guys with whom I served. I am proud that Uncle Sam chose me to the extent that he gave me and my Army Security Agency buddies a "Top Secret-Codeword" clearance.

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Ron Bound Sr said...

Tom, thanks for your service. My one regret, is not getting across the Atlantic during my nearly 30 years. Ron