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Saturday, April 27, 2013


I am old enough to remember Frank Singizer, Edward R. Murrow, H.V. Kaltenborn, Elmer Davis, John Cameron Swayze, Douglas Edwards, and countless other real news men who were hired to report the news as it happened, without editorially biased reporting. The Huntley-Brinkley Report was news gathering at its very best. Huntley and Brinkley were my favorite TV news sources back in the years when networks didn't lean left nor right; all they did was report accurate facts minus editorial opinion.


Lee Belardino said...

Agree with you 100%.Network news i now totally biased. I get my news from the o'reilly factor that I fatefully watch daily at 5p.m.Bill is the smartest man in the U.S.A and is the reason I am now an independant voter. I'd like to see become president.

Tom Glover said...

So do I lee.


Anonymous said...

Chet Huntley ( or was it David Brnkley) nah pretty sure it was Huntley) once live in Deleware Twp. outside of Sergeantsville.
He had quite a spread there which he sold to Bob Toll of Toll Brothers builders.
Hunterdon County at that time also was home to Merv Griffin who lived in Califon ( watch Jeopardy and see it is a "Califon" production)
This is where he raised his kids, commuted to NYC for Broadcasts, and developed Wheel of fortune, and Jeopardy!

Mike Kuzma (formerly of Ringoes)

Steve Csorgo Jr said...

Hi Tom,
Just saw these names from the past I remember Chet & David well. Also thought I would add that Dad talked for 30 yrs with W4VCG Bob Branner from FLA who in his younger days was personal pilot for Chet & David before he moved to Fla. to run a Marine Radio business. Great memories.
Steve Jr.

Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: My husband and I have come to rely on Fox News and esp. Bill O'Reilly for our information. The main stream media is so in the tank for the administration that it makes me ashamed of the profession that I was a part of and proud of for more than 35 years. And they call themselves reporters. Regards

Tom Glover said...

I came to that conclusion some time ago Sally. Way back when the "Mainstream media" leaned to the left and ignored the middle of the road and those to the right. When George Bush made a grammatical error in pronunciation, they gave it front page coverage. The Dan Quale potato goof was all over the network for weeks,and is still called fort todsy. However when the President was referring to the Marine "Corp" and called them the marine corpse, complete silence. The same thing exists with the current news regarding the horrible abortion outrage by a doctor who is charged with murdering still living babies fresh out of the womb. Only recently did I see a reference to it on MSNBC while the pot was boiling for a long time. It's like the New York Times slogan goes: "ALL THE NEWS THAT FITS." THE BOTTOM LINE: WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHICH MEDIUM WE PREFER. MINE HAPPENS TO BE TO THE RIGHT OF CENTER.