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Thursday, April 04, 2013


While I never saw Count Felix at the Sherwood, I spent many hours there during my years working just up the street at 1812 North Olden Avenue when the Trenton Bearing Company was located there. The Sherwood was THE place for many of us who worked in Ewing, as was the Glendale and Jack and Bobs. Wow, am I gettin' old!


Anonymous said...


This was my favorite watering hole back in the early 50's. It was owned by Louis "Wacky" Vasta, Pro (?), and Ponsi (?). They were all from North Trenton,and had "side businesses" They allegedly won it in a card game. Russ Radice played there for years, and I think I danced every night he played there. When the "guys" decided to expand and add several stores, I worked for them.
Just down Olden Ave. near Jack & Bobs,, was "Cigarette Sam's" Colonial Inn. Another stop on the drink and dance tour. Sam SCirotta owned a cigarette vending machine company, as many of the "guys" from Trenton did who were lets say connected.

I am on the phone with Russ Radice's brother Pete at least once a month. Russ was the Glenn Miller of the day around Trenton.


Mike Kuzma

J Grill said...

I took organ lessons from the Count at his bar in the Burg back in the sixties. What a place that was.