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Thursday, April 11, 2013


I must admit that this photo is confusing to me, due to the fact that I really can't recall traveling down Greenwood Avenue when it went through to South Broad Street prior to the "Barlow Circle"re-alignment. Perhaps a visitor will describe the vantage point in the photo, including identifying the white building in the distance. Trenton has changes so very much over the past 60 or so years.


Anonymous said...


I am thinking this is a view of Greenwood with Broad Street in the distance. The nearby street is probably Mercer. If so, this is where I was hit by a car while trying to cross Greenwood and was subsequently dragged up and over the cinders to the railroad tracks. (Obviously, I survived.) The freeway was built where the RR tracks are on the left and this section of Greenwood was truncated.

My father played semi-professional quoits at a location up farther on the left where Jackson Street ended.

Warren Rue

Anonymous said...

Warren is essentially cortect.
Behind the large building on the corner is St. Paul's Luthern Church, and than the building where the Trenton Photo Club held their meetings. Across Greenwood at the corner of Jackson was Bill Benz's garage. The rail tracks were a spur to the coal yards on what is now Barlow St. Circle.
The white building in the distance would probably be "The Towne Tavern" a loca watering hole, just two doors down Centre St. from St. Heart Church property. It would be across the street from the diner you frequently feature at the intersection of Greenwood and Broad.

Hope this helps.

Mike Kuzma

Anonymous said...

Tom - I also agree this picture is in the vicinity of the Mercer St/Jackson St/Clay St area, now Mill Hill neighborhood. I had an Uncle Bill Goldy that lived at 250 Mercer St and this looks very familiar as the area around the corner from his home.
Lakeside Girl

Anonymous said...

Lakeside Girl:

I grew up at 234 Mercer St. and in the 40s my parents had their closest friends, the Goldys living across the street. He was Dick Goldy with wife Lillian and daughter, Dawn, who became my cousin when she married Ron Lovett. Dick died way too soon and our family mourned that loss for a long time. Incidently, my family is related to all the Goldys going way back. Please contact me , if you will, at

Warren Rue