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Friday, April 12, 2013


From the "JEWISH" folder in the Hamilton Library Local History Collection: That austere little building on Union Street served those locals of the Jewish faith for many years. I am currently researching the history of the People of Truth congregation, and find that they have a very interesting historical background. As the congregation grew, they took over the 2nd Presbyterian Church in Trenton. HOWEVER, I am sort of stymied by the location of the original 2nd Presbyterian Church. The most recent location was in Mill Hill on Market Street. Still searching; stay tuned! Future resarch found will be appended to this post.


A Finkle said...

Allow me to clarify. The synagogue pictures is the Anshei Fife (Workers of Truth). Established in 1919 as the third synagogue on Union Street in 1919, it sustained a small membership.

Rabbi Lev Shepherded this congregation until its disillusion in the 1950's.

Arthur L. Finkle
Trenton Jewiwsh Historical Scoiery

Anonymous said...


I asked Art to touch base with you to clarify the photo as shown.
I certainly do remember this building, we always referred to it as the "Little Schul" Itchy Popkin lived within a few doors, and 3 years ago while visiting with him in Jacksonville NC where he owns half the town, he related a very funny, non repeatable story about the alleyway between this schul and the house next to it.
I felt could speak with more authority than I, since I only assumed I was Jewish until I made my first communion in Sacred Heart Church.

Good wishes on your anniversary.

Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

Many thanks Arthur and Mike for defining the past of the People of Truth. The Jewish section of Trenton has always been a fascinating study for me.