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Tuesday, April 02, 2013


From the growing by leaps and bounds "SCHOOLS-TRENTON" folder in the Hamilton Local History Collection, the above news article from the Trenton Times.
Harrison School is one of Trenton's oldest. I believe the original school goes back to 1903 when the Chambersburg-South Trenton area began to develop. The interesting Trenton Times photo above shows workmen renovating the building. The photo borrowed from the Harrison School website shows that the old building is still keeping the educational flame alive in Trenton.

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SJBill said...

Harrison was my elementary school, beginning in 1951. It was my Dad's school as well, and many of his teachers were still in the business during my years.

The playground had numerous horse chestnut trees back by the high picket fence at Freudenmacher Alley.

The school only had four classes on hte first floor for the younger grades, three classes and a library on the second floor, and two classes plus an auditorium on the third floor. There was no cafeteria, so we were sent home for lunch for about 45 minutes or so - just time to gobble a PB&J sandwich and head back to class.

The teachers were real pros. Just about all of them was proficient with piano, and all of the kids were encouraged to do music and art. My favorite was Emma Mohr, my fourth grade teacher. She excelled in getting her students interested in the sciences, and that has lasted through today.

The classes of Harrison taught Ernie Kovacs, Paul "Saxman" Nagy, Trenton basketball legend Tal Brody, dirt track racer Barry Cray, Gary Geer (Philadelphia TV personality). There had to be more - it's just tough remembering them all.